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God’s Miracle working Power in Action

Snowing in Spring 2014

Prophet Keith with snow in his hands

On Monday, 29 September 2014 Prophet Keith Van Rooyen left Cape Town en route to Reenendal, Knysna. On their way, they stopped over at Riviersonderend. As they left Riviersonderend, Prophet Keith announced to his travelling party, that God has just revealed to him that it would snow on their way to Knysna. What?……snow in September? unheard of. However, as they travelled about 15 minutes into their journey, the skies suddenly darkened and it started to snow, snow & snow. The most amazing thing however, was that it only snowed in that area (in an area of 300 meters and nowhere else). How profound?? Not ONLY did it snow in September, but also ONLY in that area. Wow, how amazing.¬†God is truely awesome and He has truely annointed Prophet Keith. ALL GLORY BE TO GOD.

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