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Solomon’s Haven in Mitchell’s Plain


Community Outreach in December 2014

A few months ago GOD gave instruction regarding an outreach in the community of Mitchells Plain. We were led to Solomon’s Haven in New Woodlands.

Solomons Haven has over twenty children of varying ages with the youngest being 3 months old as well as a 1 year old girl who the world says has HIV but we as believers know that she has been set free of all diseases by the blood of Jesus.

The community was invited to listen to worship and hear what GOD has to say to them during the ministered word. Those sick in body and who needed a touch from GOD were prayed for.

Gifts were handed to the children and owners of the haven, along with clothing which was donated by many including the Unlimited Ministries family. A donation of chicken packs was also given to the haven.

Plates of food were distributed to all the children who were present. A sweet surprise awaited the children in the form of chocolates and ice-cream cones as their dessert.

Alcohol, poverty, and drug addiction is really evident in this community and despite this we will endeavor to walk this season alongside Solomons Haven.

May GOD bless all who contributed whether it was clothing, food, cash, gifts or even the time to assist.

“He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord.” – Proverbs 19:17


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